Search Engine Optimization Techniques – higher ranking results

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One of the search engine optimization techniques you have is to develop fresh content. This is one sure shot way of ensuring a higher page ranking for your website. This means that you will have to continuously update the content on your website so that the search engines can take notice of it and rank your site higher in the page rankings. Make sure the content on your website is informative and high in quality. The more unique your content, the better chance it will rank higher on the search engines!
Also, blogging and social book marking are also very effective search engine optimization techniques that will help in generating better page rankings to your website. Don’t forget article marketing too! I would say this is one of the best techniques to get your pages in front of targeted visitors! Remember, keep working hard and be patient, consistency is the key to success.
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So what is your query here?
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is article marketing the same thing as article submission ? thanks
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Always build free quality backlinks with different IP it will help to rank better in the search engine.
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Social bookmarking is one of the best and easiest technique of SEO i have ever used. On the other hand it is very effective also in increasing traffic and position of website.
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Originally Posted by SarahSEO View Post
The following list of SEO Techniques:

1)Domain Names & File Names
2)Keyword Phrases
3)Keyword Density
4)Title & Meta tag Description
5)Meta tag Keywords
6)Author and Robot tags
7)Quality Content
8)Quantity Content
9)Changing Content
11)Site Map
12)Site Themes
13)Site Design
14)Separate Content and Presentation
15)Robo. txt File
Nice tips dude. You make it so easy to understand. Thanks for sharing this.