Which Search engine other than Google brings more traffic?

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Hi all....

Quality and heavy traffic from search engines to website is most important nowadays......but which is the search engine other than Google that brings more traffic to website? Is it Yahoo or Bing?
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Bing for me
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yahoo for me
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As per my knowledge the maximum no of traffic came from Google. But if i have to keep Google out of the box then from my side its Yahoo for me........
Bcaz i have seen that maximum number of people are using yahoo as there mail as well as search engine (portal). Though bing is good one but it is not so much popular as yahoo and Google. So my vote goes for Google first and then to yahoo.
Its a nice question
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yahoo only!!
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I think yahoo.
provide you lots of traffic.
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Yahoo or bring both are useful to bring traffic for our site but serp's of target keywords should be very good. We always try to improve our site serp's on every search engines to get good traffic.
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For me its Bing.
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i also get more traffic from bing than yahoo.