How to search an access database

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i have 13 fields in my access stores the admission information of a if i click open on particular form it shows a dialog box .it contains a textbox in which i type the admission number of student. i need the particular record associated with it and i want all records to be retrieved into respective texboxes.

I am using data1 control on form to connect to ms access and vb 6.0
pls help me
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Either you need to be firing the SQL or you need to be matching them by moving through each id in the data control.
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possibly, the easiest one is to change the sql of your data control and make it like:

"select * from <table> where <field1> = <value>"

where table is your table name, field1 is the field you want to search and value is the value supplied by user, and refresh the data control. You will be having the desired record in shortest possible time and can refresh the form with retrieved fields.

Hope this helps...