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1. Create a 6800 program which encodes a 4 bit data word into an 8 bit code word using the hamming algorithm. You are also given the parity as a 4 bit word, with each bit representing odd/even (1 = odd, 0 = even):

dataWord .byte $E

parityWord .byte %1011

Therefore, the parity in the above example is:

Parity bit 1: odd
Parity bit 2: even
Parity bit 4: odd
Parity bit 8: odd

As another example, if the parity word was:

parityWord .byte %0010

Then the parity would be:

Parity bit 1: even
Parity bit 2: even
Parity bit 4: odd
Parity bit 8: even

The output of the program is the correct codeword, which is also stored in a variable initialised to zero.:

codeword .byte 0

After your program executes, then this variable stores the correct codeword generated from the dataword and the parityword.
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