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Scientific inquiry on the quality of software interfaces

Discussion in 'C' started by DirkW, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. DirkW

    DirkW New Member

    Dear Forum,

    I'm trying to rate the quality of software interfaces and am looking for
    participants for my code-based online survey. As a motiviation to
    participate, a 50 Euro Amazon gift coupon will be drawn. The survey
    will take about 10 minutes to be filled out (maybe a bit longer for
    unexperienced programers). Nevertheless, experienced as well as new
    programers are asked to participate. Code examples are given in C++.
    Even tho this might not be your favorite language, your participation will
    be greatly appreciated as the survey handles these problems (and even
    benefits from it). The survey is anonymous (except for your e-mail address
    which is required for the coupon) and serves my (hopefully independent)
    research question.

    The link is:

    The survey will end on 1/31/08.

    Thank you Shabbir for allowing me to post this here.

    Many thanks and best regards,

  2. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    I have completed the survey
  3. DirkW

    DirkW New Member

    Thank your Shabbir :)
  4. DirkW

    DirkW New Member

  5. DirkW

    DirkW New Member

    If anyone is still interested in participatin, we have extended the time limit to Feb, 5th 2008

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