Need robust yet simplistic (?) DB for data capturing/reporting for non-programmer

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What is the best option out there, in the way of databases, for me to use that fit the following criteria?

1) free
2) simple to learn and implement (from a non-programmer standpoint) with about a 2 day "grace" period for getting up to speed
3) able to capture around 70k data elements and run without issues
4) ability to query and produce basic reports

I am in a situation where I need to find an application with the above criteria and I figured I may as well ask the experts because I'm in a bit over my head.

I have looked at Oracle Express, MySQL, MS Access, and LyteRAD.

I can't say that I trust this LyteRAD program to be all that great, but I see the other options as being difficult enough for a non-programmer to learn, and I'm not even sure if MS Access can handle all that much and still function.

I could really use you guys' help and I really appreciate it.

Thanks for reading.
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MySQL will solve your need. Even there is a good GUI to use MySQL with ease.
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Go for MYSQL, thats the best option in terms of costs and performance.