RMI Architecture

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is there any ching command in RMI ?iF it is, what is it?
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In RMI we follow many steps .
RMI stands for remote method invocation.RMI is a part of JDK(java development kit).It is used for developing distributed application in java.Because java is a plateform independent language.This application develop objects and these objects communicate to each other through an interface.which is stored in a package JAVA.RMI.

Java consist of four layer:
a.Application layer
b.Proxy layer
c.RRL(Remote reference layer)
d.Transport layer
steps for creating an RMI application
1.Define an interface for remote class.
2.Implement this interface in a server side application.
3.Object to a registry service
4.create stub and skelton class.
5.Create and compile the client program to access the remote object.
6.Install file on server machine.
7.start RMI registry with code no.