any reviews about vbulletin forum poster (vbulletraffic storm)?

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howdy my expert friends
I've newely joined this great forum and just to be clear that this is my 1st question at this board...
I'm searching for gurus previous experience regarding an auto posting tool for vbulletin forums known as vBulleTraffic Storm... is it efficient for enhancing my site's Page Rank? and is it better than SENuke? in terms of topics creator and usability and speed.
any reviews and help from people in here is awesomely appreciated. I will be reading and taking your opinions and thoughts carefully. as I'm considering buying it...

thank yall :D
Volga Z.
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vBulleTraffic is complete piece of junk because if you search for that exact terms their site does not show up in Google. If they cannot help themselves how can they help you. I have heard good things about SENuke but no experience.
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I can say for sure he is the spammer for vBulleTraffic because he has posted the same thread in other forums where I am an admin and Akismet even confirms the same.
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