Please Review: Wallpaper website

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Light Poster What do you think about the site? Spill it out, everything you want to say.
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must include share option
open competition for most viewed photos(increase more visiting,automatic bookmarking facilities must included)
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what do you mean?
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Very nice domain name but you have 1 Users Online showing in the footer which I think was me by all means and if you do not have something great its better to turn that off.
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Very Nice template and neatly organized content.I love the hovering effect on the navigation menu.When one clicks a category,it would be nice if you move the progress bar a little to the left..(it should be center to the area where you show the list of wallpapers ).Rest is good.Good Luck!
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nice and beautiful template.
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Hi, does your site still work? I see nothing on your site
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its nice
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not working!! site missing
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what do you mean