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Please Review My Site!!!!

Discussion in 'Review My Site' started by John Robert, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. John Robert

    John Robert New Member

    Hi Friends
    Please review & give some feedback of my site mbateam.com. Mbateam is a Boston based marketing and consulting firm. This company works with their clients in following area Evaluate their current situation and market position, Identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, Establish short term & long term goals, Develop a specific plan of action, Provide on-going advice & counsel throughout implementation.
  2. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    You can ask for a review after reviewing 3 other sites.
  3. PolicyWala

    PolicyWala New Member

    I really love your site. Good job.
  4. toroyo

    toroyo New Member

    you could set up a part in it that can leave visitor give you advice or tell u what they want
  5. keyboardboy1

    keyboardboy1 New Member

    Good job you done.
    i like your site template.
  6. johnny.dacu

    johnny.dacu New Member

    The layout is not bad... it reminds me about the 06's-08's styles.
    In your services page... your sidebar looks odd with all the spacing after every margin... It may look better if you remove it and create a single block effect.
  7. starvijay

    starvijay New Member

    looks good:eek:
  8. hiyatran

    hiyatran New Member

    The layout is missing that wow factor. It didn't really appeal to me, it is nice but not wow considering you guys do website. the 2 sites you design, looks very nice but your site not so much.
  9. danyald

    danyald New Member

    Excellent site design
    Easy navigation
    GOOD work
  10. Casualty13

    Casualty13 New Member

    Clear design.Good color scheme is used. Interface is not overloaded.
    I agree with previous post that navigation is quite easy in use. It's very good.
  11. flipperman

    flipperman New Member

    Actually, i love this kind of design and you should add some favicon to make it looks more professional
  12. sanjananb

    sanjananb New Member

    it is not loading for me.....why???
  13. starvijay

    starvijay New Member

    good site..speed also gud..
  14. Matripe4

    Matripe4 New Member

    impressive one and very professional. are you also doing flash content ?|
  15. Fokebox

    Fokebox New Member

    Very nice work! I would say that there is nothing even to change! Good clors, layouts, fonts and images!
    Keep it up and I wish you good luck!
  16. lilliearvin

    lilliearvin New Member

    Yeah the site lokoks nice with simple designing structure. I would want to know more details about it.
  17. morrismax

    morrismax New Member

    Hi John............

    Your website is really a good one. I like your work. Best of Luck for future!!!!!!!! :)
  18. cssbrush

    cssbrush New Member

    The site looks something like a blog. It is not appealing to me as a service oriented website. Move the company introduction into the About Us page. Put the bottom Image Row readily visible in the first view (means not having to scroll down). Add some more description to those images. I mean highlight or give little more emphasize on the services you provide through images of some good size. Good luck.
  19. poonam9898

    poonam9898 New Member

    Your website is header and footer are looking good.
  20. Ansari123

    Ansari123 Banned

    You have very creative mind for seo.

    Nice to talk with you.

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