review my blog content!

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i got a lots of good idea about theme and i am finding a good theme for my other blogs too but apart from theme/layout i want to ask for your idea on content of the site. This blog is related to teeth health

Here it is - teeth whitening

i have been working hard on blog creation and always ask for review here but i do not know yet about the concent of the site. How u guy thinks as a visitors? The content is created by hiring a man from US.

plz suggest if his writing is good and i should continue in using his service
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I don't see the theme to be any different from your other Review here
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it is nice website and u need to work on images and the free space in your site.
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I tend to agree with Shabbir, the theme is exactly the same though that i was on the same site!
Ideas on my other review hold strong for this site.

If you want a full indepth review give me a shout and we can do an exchange.
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Its Really Make Teeth White...
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Originally Posted by ashiqbal View Post
its really make teeth white...
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The content looks good but you should try adding more and more for the theme i think it is best you have kept a simple theme..but i wonder how are you monetizing it? i did not see any kind of advertisements on your site..
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It takes to long to load the page.
Add some theme in it "it will white teeth's before customer comes to you"
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I think it's a very nice blog, it looks good!
Maybe try adding some more colours and titles to it so it's more attractive to read.

Now about the writing

Spelling: Good
Grammar: Punctuation needs work!
Writing style: It's okay for sure, but it looks like the writer speaks english in a funny accent. Anyway he delivers the message.

Hope my feedback was helpful,