Reverse roots

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I came across a problem where i have to accept N number of fields and print the square root of all these numbers in reverse order.I may be given numbers which may be separated or given in sequential order.For example My input willbe
and my output should be
can anybody give me solution in c programming
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Reverse order would be 2, 0, 6 would it not? Typically, we don't serve up code. It is in the best interests of the questioner to produce code and ask for help with any problems.

Asking for help is a fine art when done well; clear information is key. Please be sure and read the "Before you make a query" thread, if you haven't already. Welcome to the forum.
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hey use two for loops
one from i=0 to 2
this ones take d input
n another for loop from i=2 to 0
this ones calculates and print the square root