retrieving strings with spaces from txt files

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I am using a txt file to store string values that contain spaces.

The code below is what I am using now:

if (!(spEncodeDecode = fopen("C:\\encodedecode.txt", "r")))
printf("\aCould not open input file.\n");
exit (100);
} // end if
int x = 0;
while (fscanf(spEncodeDecode, "%s", messageCode) != EOF)

A3 = messageCode;


the below string is the only string in encodedecode.txt


After I read in a single string, the string that is in A3 is PZA;SDLFKGJH.

So I am a bit confused.

I am a student in C.


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So no one has a good answer on this question..

I know I could not have stumped everyone...

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Why don't you read the complete string and then split it.