Different results in various Yahoo Searches

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I have been checking my positions in Yahoo for various sites and search terms, and whenever I do a check on Yahoo.com, my results are buried, but when doing a check on the Yahoo UK search, I am coming up top.

Also, on the UK search, I am asking for results from the WEB and not just the UK. The number of results on both the UK and com are the same, but the results are not. Strangely enough, my sites are not based in UK, and are all .coms.

For one certain search term, I come up at number 2 on the UK search, yet on the .com search, I am number 63 <-- Thats a quite a difference.

Anyone have any idea how ( if possible ) I can improve my results in the Yahoo.com search, rather than the UK version ??

Thanks for your time.
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There can be various reasons for this. I will try to give them some

1. You are hitting the different data centers and so you are getting different results
2. You have more backlinks and content relating to UK searches.
3. Yahoo is still not upto the mark when coming to the searching and competing with google though its second but the gap between top and second is still too big.
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men, yaoo did even index my site