Required Log In or Sign up to access sites' pages

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I noticed that this forum site required me to sign up before I could access the site. I see that sites like Match.Com also has this feature where the screen grays out and a pop up window form request the persons to sign in or sign up. I also guess that there are cookies involved to determine if it is a return user and to establish a session... I just barely know what I am talking about, but can anyone tell me how to find the info to be able to do all this?

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Moved your thread from Introduction forum to Web and I will suggest you read Login and Logout using Sessions and Cookies which is a very simple validation of what you are looking for,
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What can u ask exactly the solutions of login page & sign up page...??? meet again.
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I read the posts from other people and the code, but I want code to force the client to sign up by creating a username (verified), password (verified), actual_first_name, actual_last_name, email_address (verified and with confirmation email sent out to activate the account), state, province, country, etc. ...before the client can enter the site... and all the data to be added to my Microsoft SQL server database to create a new member. So... when I saw that the code was only used to create a username and password for temporary access to the site, I became afraid that I am asking the forum too much. I just completed an Internet database course using Access 2007, SQL, ASP, and VBScript with my own Windows 2003 servers, but now I want to start creating members to a social site.