rename the written text files in numbers, eg. 1,2,3...

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what i want to do is when the visitor fills out the form and press submit, i want to store the information as a text file, and call it "text1.txt", when the second visitor comes and submit another form, I want the second form to call "text2.txt", and so on.... continues to name it in accending numbers, below is my code:

PHP Code:
$file fopen("$dataf","w");
$write fwrite($file,"not important text");
What code do I insert in if i want to rename the $dataf text file in numbers, eg. 1,2,3... in sequence, each time creating a new file with a interger above the last one written?
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Duplicate of thread rename the text files in numbers, eg. 1,2,3.... in web development forum. Thread closed.