removing comments of type // and /*

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please help me in writing the code that takes a c or c++ file and deletes the comments and prints the output to other file

totally 3 files r involved
one removes the comments
other is the program having comments
other is output printed without any comments containing c or c++ code

prethanks to the helper

kindly send the source code or provide link
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This is not a free software store. You should either

1) Attempt to write the code and ask here for help with your problems.
2) Put your request in the Job Offers forum.
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I can share the algo with you.

Parse the characters of the file and check for // or /* but remember that they should not be under the string literal ""

Now if you find // which is not under the string literal then ignore the line
if you find /* and its not in the string literal then ignore till */
Else you write everything to the new file.

I hope it helps.