remove virus without an antivirus

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there is a virus in my computer which i m unable to locate as it manipulates the folder options so that i m unable to access hidden files ?? what should i do??
i want to remove it by myself not by using any antivirus.
plzzzz help
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You have submitted as an Article and I have moved it to the forum for discussion.

Also about your query I would suggest its virtually not possible to remove a Virus by hand because virus would be such that you will even not be able to stop the application / process running.
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if you want to enable your folder option again, try editing your registry(if the virus don't disable your access to the registry).Just google w/c key should be edited. If it's a vbscript virus probably you can remove it manually because you can see the virus code.
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thanks for advice
but what is a registry?where is it found?
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I would suggest you read
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Get yourself antivirus, but that specific problem has happened to me before, I got the virus from some german site, but not one of my 4 anti virus software could get it off, I used:

and even some other antispyware software, nothing helped, and that virus is quite far if it came to that, but check your registry if you know the name of the virus and search for that key, lets just hope its not a polymorphic virus. The registry can be accessed by clicking on "start" then "run" and then type in "regedit", otherwise you can go to c:\windows\system32\regedit. But if its the same virus that I have had, it will stop you from editing it there, so go into safe mode if you do a virus scan or edit the registry.

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I noticed that there are many of the same tutorials to remove computer viruses online, all pretty much telling you to go to your command prompt, access your infected drive, and type attrib -s -h *.* s/ d/ but it seems from the comments of those tutorials that that method only removes the autorun.inf virus. You can remove any virus from your computer by following the steps in my article: How to Remove Computer Viruses Without Antivirus Software
author: dragnhaze on HubPages
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You can delete the virus in the safe mode. The method of acces safe mode is press F8 when the system is starting up.
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install Linux Gnome any version and open the windows drive or virus location on your PC and then simply delete it. Linux have doesn't support the any windows file. Linux is open source product its totally free. you download the Linux for official site . like one Linux version is Linux mint 10 gnome version.
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I came a cross a term on another forum, used to describe the action of posting on a thread that died a long time ago - "necroposting".
There doesn't seem to be much point in making suggestions to the OP when (as in this case) they haven't been active on the forum for some years and are not going to respond.