Remote and Part time Asterisk professional Needed

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We are Software development Company looking forward for some one who can help us in customization of Our Product and giving training to our people

VOIP Predictive Dialer
PSTN Predictive Dialer
Voice Broadcasting Software
Private Branch eXchange (PBX)
Customer relationship management (CRM)
interactive voice response (IVR)
Voice logger
TRIPLE PLAY services (voice, video, text)
Virtual Call Centers
Auto Dialers
Direct Marketing Software
Customer Survey Software
Telecommuting Software

Thank you

please reply with your resume
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I can do but if it will be online or i can do off line also if your requirement is in Bangalore.I have worked for telecoms product last 3 years.
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Please send your resume with all the contact details and work exp

Thank you

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we are looking at individuals who would like to work with us on assignment basis. This can be done with your current work and you will be paid on a hourly basis.

Currently we are looking at someone who will be able to install, configure and migrate to an Asterisk VOIP PBX. Please do forward me your profile at the earliest to take this forward.