Remote Network Shutdown Log. ...?

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Thanks for checking this out.

some students in my Computer Science class continue to shut off other students computers by entering a string of code in the Run program. This is very annoying, as I have lost my work multiple times. I was wondering if there was a way i could create a program that would track which computer had run the shutdown code. Or track the persons login name and save it to a txt document and such. I am trying to figure out a way this could work, however brainstorming might help me.

Thank you for your time. cheers.
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if it's just for windows as I think it is, then this is the wrong forum as this is just for C and C++

you might get something in the EventViewer Logs (eventvwr command from run)

recently I came to knew about this..dos command shutdown can be used for remote machine as well.

do they clear the commands also???
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do you mean they get rid of the 'history' in RUN ?