Remote controller for pc

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send me ur aim/skype or msn and i will send u the file. It is used to mess with your friends pc and type stuff etc change wallpaper and other stuff. THankssss
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Almost everybody today is used to operating a remote control. From the TV, to the DVD player, up to the air conditioner, there are just a few appliances left without their own remote control.
Oddly, this small superfluous but essential device called remote control is not so common in the computer world. Each day the computer is used more and more as a multimedia center, playing music, movies, TV, photographs... Why then not include a remote control like the one included with the appliances the computer is emulating?
The purpose of this web site is to inform the user on different existing solutions so as to control the computer remotely in a simple way.
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Do not know remote controller for pc .hp laptop use the remote controller musie player uuse the system
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How effective it is. What good will happen with this.