remote code execution exploit in windows xp plz help me

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Hey frnds read this info

"There is a remote code execution vulnerability in Microsoft Windows 2000-based, Windows XP-based, and Windows Server 2003-based systems,. An attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could take complete control of an affected system remotely. an attacker could exploit this vulnerability over RPC without authentication and could run arbitrary code. If an exploit attempt fails, this could also lead to a crash in Svchost.exe. If the crash in Svchost.exe occurs, the Server service will be affected. The Server service provides file, print, and named pipe sharing over the network. The vulnerability is caused by the Server service, which does not correctly handle specially crafted RPC requests." Today mostly viruses using this to exploit in to system, Microsoft has released security bulletin MS08-067. To view the complete security bulletin, visit following Microsoft Web site

So can any body provides me this exploit code or some more info on this exploit code.
Thanks in advance
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By this time you should understand what is an Article and what is forum and this should not have been posted as an article.