Remote access?

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Hello all, i am quite new to hacking and I was wondering if and how it is possible to get remote acces / remote assistance to another persons computer. I would like to find and learn a way to view someone elses screen from my computer. I know how to attain a persons IP address but I was wondering how I go about getting access to view anothers persons screen. Is there a discreet way in which tere is no real possible way the person knows I am veiwing what they are doing. The reason i ask is due to friends acting suspicious and i think they are up to somethig, want to find out if there is a way in which they can't really know i'm viewing their screen. Please reply with any help, will be appreciated!

many thanks in advance
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Get VNC viewer, its not a virus or trojan or anything, then get Cain & Abel from steal his windows password with cain and VNC to His computer, You will be able to do what you want. Thats the discreet way...
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yh the best idea! :]

check out this too:
but you need to have physical access to the computer to install that."! i think*

this one also pretty good [i've used it before to control my home desktop(which is not really mine, parents use it ] from my laptop (just for the fun of it lol]:

|gd luck :]
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Refer remote access. It may help
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or you can always do my favorite insert a backdoor trojan through a picture into someons msn lol
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vnc view is okay but the quality sucks no offense tho