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ReliScore is a new platform allows job-seekers to showcase their skills by solving problems, completing programming challenges and where required, submitting the software code. The challenges span multiple skill levels and domains. This allows companies to find the right candidates by posing challenges in their areas of interest along with corresponding job postings.

Check out the website for more -
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Looks good but is not a Wordpress blog and how does user make his submissions?
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blog is just a part of the website to promote articles that are helpful.

to submit one has to solve any activity listed. like i did web automation. to do that i had to send a post request to a url. server notes it when done and gets accdpted or rejected. similarly some problems require you to submit a code file or manually written explanation. so it varies. but the good thing unlike codechef like sites is that problems are real world problems, and

technologies. like google app engine django etc. as you clear levels you get tougher problems. at 3rd level of automation i have to write a script which does Oauth login automatically fr me. to do that i need to get what it is and submit the code once done.

so not only you get a job later. you learn real world stuff. :-)

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tats good opportunity for job seeker