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regex - issue in string processing.

Discussion in 'Perl' started by gk123987, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. gk123987

    gk123987 New Member

    i have a string,
    name=../temp/config.xml../temp/set.xml --cfg../runtime/perl --uniq_id=perl;

    Please not the above string is an eg, only

    i need a parsed o/p
    name = ../temp/config.xml ../temp/set.xml --cfg ../runtime/perl --uniq_id=perl;

    Here when i tried to use the command
    $line = s/..\// ..\//; (replace ../ with space ../) then i got the o/p as

    name = ../temp/config.x ../temp
    (note: .xml has been truncated to .x)
    your input would be of help
  2. gk123987

    gk123987 New Member

    sorry i found the root cause and it works.
    it should be
    $line = s/\.\.\// ..\//;

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