Reference and Pointer

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Reference is the other name given to the same variable. Pointer is new variable created which can contain address of another variable.

Try an experiment

# include<iostream>
using namespace std;
int main()

int i = 90; // variable
int &j = i;  // reference 
int *P;   //  pointer
P =&i;

cout<<endl<< "address of variable :i" <<&i;

cout<< endl << "address of reference: j" <<&j;
cout<<endl<<"address of pointer : P"<<&P;
return 0;
 address of variable i: 0012FEDC
address of reference j: 0012FEDC
address of pointer p: 0012FEE0
so you see the address of i and reference j is same , address of pointer P is different.
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You have same post in Difference between Pointers and Reference in C++ thread. Thread closed.