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Records should be in Tamil letters (a language in india) and English when displyed

Discussion in 'MS Access' started by thangasiva, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. thangasiva

    thangasiva New Member

    Hi this is my problem.
    there are three columns should be created in a table.
    the first column should be in Tamil (a language in india)
    the second and third columns should be created in English
    can i keyin the Tamil words in the 'Tamil' column of a table if yes how please?
    can i fetch the records from that table (first column in Tamil and second column in english)same time.
    if yes ,please how?
    if any tools needs, tell me what are the all other tools needed and how can be added with ms-access and iam also using vb (as front end)

    my aim is , the letters should be in tamil and english when it displayed.

    will it be complicated ?

    please help

    Thanga siva
  2. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Tamil words are nothing special and they have a Unicode values and so all you have to be doing is have the field as Unicode and I think that should solve the issue.
  3. thangasiva

    thangasiva New Member

    language problem solved by your guidence.
    i got free ware from 'Azhagi' it is a tamil unicode tool and it act as a switch between english and tamil, it supports to all windows based applications like word ,excel etc.. before that i set the language settings as you told.

    i think i reached half of the problem.

    can you give me the script (syntax) and place to written it in a form in ms access 2003.

    1. Text box1 should be displayed the value of field1 from table randomly, when I click the command button1.

    2. Text box2 should be displayed the value of field 2 of the same record, when I click the command button 2.

    thanga siva

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