Can you recommend a good PHP host

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I like PHP a huge amount. Trouble is, I'm always looking for a host that might be better than the one I'm with, because I want to take advantage of everything that one can do with code.

I've used awardspace, freehostia and free-space but found faults with all of them that held me back. I'm now using and am happy with it but is there something better out there, something with more space, more transfer per month or just newer versions of PHP and MySQL?

I plan on making a really big website with all the bells and whistles, including log-in capabilities and the ability for members to send messages amongst themselves, etc., so I'm going to need space, no limits and lots of monthly transfer. seems good, but if you know of something more, please let me know!

Oh, and any tips on what graphics program is better to use than paint shop pro and is better for creating some really modern looking effects would be appreciated. I'm not great at graphics design anyway - need all the help I can get.

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I know one site who will help you AND give this type of services.
I suggest you should try or visit this site.
I am saying this because I have also used this site.
So, Try this one
Best of Luck
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powweb has community forum scripts,.. so basically you install the script, then it creates full forums in seconds + many other types of scripts.

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