Recently updated-Give me your valuable reviews

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Hello all,

we recently updated our website. Please review it once and give me your feed back

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You created this thread in the SEO forum but it should be in the Website Review forum and I have moved it for you.
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Nice layout, but why did you used rounded corners on that content box? All graphical elements use right corners.
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this is very nicely done. It looks like you put in a lot of work for this site. the only thing I suggest is the Term of Use or Privacy Policy page. This allow the user to know what he can and can not do and also to cover your back if any legal issues might arise.
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layout is nice and simple, but your site is not validating at w3c standards (returns 65 errors)
also I suggest to install the plugin PageSpeed for firefox, to optimize images, compressions, and many useful tips
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I think your site looks nice, well looking. But try to update your content to make sure it is new all the time.
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Nice site dude
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everything looks well done but you should lighten up the 4 blocks of your banner which locate under your header to be more lighter cuz this will merge well with the template
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Nice layout. Here some tips for improvements:

1. Update the logo so it stands out
2. Reduce the size of the top menu fonts
3. Place a box with testimonials (index page)

Overall great design. Good Luck
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Great CSS , Great Topic , Great Content...
Good going...

But The key of running a successful site is based on How regular you are and how regularly you update it...
I hope you understand..

You are a great graphic designer , Website Designer ...

And did you made that alone.. All of that!