Reading a mathematical expressiong in VB6

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Hi everyone

I want to know the method to read a mathematical expression from the user in VB6
The equation can be in any form like (xy + cos x + log(x+y) )/x^2
the integration of this function is to be found out in the specified intervals using numerical methods(simphsons 1/3rd rule........etc)
Can any one send me the method to do it in VB 6 if its is possible

can we connect the tool Equation Editor in Microsoft word to write the equations in the textbox or any other control so that the user can easily write the function easily???
if so how to connect it ??

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what are these x,y how your application getting inputs
through text box?
the simplest method is use (like calculator)
(1) text boxes (1)
(2) use cmd buttons for numbers
(3) use combo box for pre defined functions like cos(),,,,

if you want your application to identify the functions as the user types
then you can do it but error prone ;
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yah hez rite
you have to add some txtboxes to get the input for x and y

then be like a normal calc