Reading a constant keyboard input...

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Hello everyone,

I am a beginner in C, and I need help!
I want to make a C program or atleast something similar to an idea, if its possible ofcourse, so that when the program runs, it reads a constant keyboard input (keyboard button kept pushed and not released) and then runs a servo motor to a certain direction until the button is released. The whole idea is to run a C program for a Phidget SBC, using an AdvancedServo controler, and control the motors via keyboard input (any letter or number button, Num pads).

I hope You've got the idea.. If not, I'll be more that happy to explain it more detailed!
Any suggestions, ideas and info would be appreciated!

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Your best bet will be to post on the Phidgets forum
It's unlikely anyone around here will have the detailed knowledge that will answer your question.