How to read a big php program?

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I have been studying PHP for a long time. I can write a simple PHP guestbook now. But you know, it's so so so simply, even the green hand can attack on my site.

i find lots of php scripts site such as and read the scripts everyday. And i also read the F&Q in since i know the site from google.

But no practise time. i just know the theory. I am confused.

I want to improve my PHP skill, so i decide to read a big php program such as a shopping cart. Finally i choose the cart Eclime.

But when i read the code, i find it's so difficult for me to understand it. Maybe i am in the wrong way to study PHP.

Anyone tell me what i should do now ...
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Try doing PHP programming because programming is like swimming and unless you know how to program theory is of no use.
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When I have to take over someone else's code, I often print it out and go through it line-by-line. Of course, I already know how the code works before I assume a project so you may want to read a PHP book or some tutorials first.
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I've read that it is sometimes necessary to recompile PHP with the -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 flag in order to read files over 20 gigs or something ridiculous, but shouldn't I have no problems with a 6 meg file? Eventually we'll want to read in files that are around 50 megs, and it would be nice be able to open them and then read through them line by line with fgets as I'm able to do with smaller files.