Read all files within directiry and write on single file

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Hello Everybody

I have an idea abt read one file content and write them on another file. Now suppose I have five(approx.) files within Directory(say d:\datafile\). I wish to read content of more than one files one by one and write those content on single file. I dont know exactly but there is function like getfilenext() or getnextfile() which returns information abt subsequent file.

Pls suggest me someway to do this...Both C n C++ version will be preffered.
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This is going to be somewhat OS dependent. What avenues have you explored (say, via Google) to date? Let me recommend the "Before you post a query" thread. It emphasizes the importance of information, in case you never happened to realize that importance on your own.
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If you are on Windows platform try exploring the FindFirstFile and FindNextFile API's
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Seems like a lot of work in c when batch for this is much easier.
create a batch file called combine.bat
combine.bat d:\datafile\*.* d:\combined.txt
@if "%1" == "" goto usage
@if "%2" == "" goto usage

@echo combine %1 to %2

@if not exist %2 copy "empty.file" "%2"

@for %%x in (%1) do copy /B "%2"+"%%x" "%2" 

goto exit

@echo Usage: combine.bat 'file to process (can include wild cards)' 'file name (can include directory to save to)'
@echo e.g. combine.bat *.txt temp\combined.txt

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To copy single jpeg file I tried following way:-

char buffer[512];
int source,desti,bytes;
source = open(m_sourcepath,O_RDONLY|O_BINARY);
	MessageBox("Unable to open " + m_sourcepath);
desti = open(m_destinationpath,O_WRONLY|O_BINARY);
	MessageBox("Unable to open " + m_destinationpath);
	bytes = read(source,buffer,512);

Does it right way to copy jpeg file?
Compiler is giving error "identifier not found" for read(), write(), open(), close(). which header file I forget to include. I have already iuncluded fcntl.h.

Pls consider I am using Visual Studio 2003 and dialog based application for making this program. I dont prefer to use CFile.
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Its Done.....
I forget to include "io.h"..

Thanks Shabir for FindFirstFile n FindNextFile.
Now after including Find Function, I think My program will be ready