Want to rank in Yahoo and Bing As well

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I am having very good keyword position in google but not in yahoo and bing i know all of them ranking algorithms are different so can anyone please provide me any suggestion on which thing yahoo and bing rely more? some of my competitive keywords are in top10 or top5 in google but not even in top 100 of bing and yahoo.
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All search engine first show the site with quality content first. So provide the best content. And for yahoo i have heard then it refer the domain and on page the most. So try it. And bing shows the result same as google. And google contain for quality first, so go on with that.
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that was one of mine questions: are search engines so different in algorithms ?
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Rank Algorithm of all type of search engine is different so no any keyword in same position in all search engine. you can promote your keyword according to that algorithm of that search engine...
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Yahoo and Bing have exactly the same result and are different form GG, I just pay attention to GG,cause it has the most searchers.