Quick Question about SEO

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hey, i was wondering
if i own a domain called hmm, lets say..

will it pop up in google's first page if some one were to search the word

"green apples"

like with a space in between?

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The domain name would only be useful for links having no anchor text. What I meant is when you have the domain name as greenapples.com then if someone links to your domain without putting anything in the anchor text you automatically get the keywords for your domain and so you get the keywords. Now for getting the separate keywords its better to have hyphen in between like green-apples.com

Also remember apart from the non-anchored links there is no other benefit.
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Simple answer is YES your site can rank with this keyword green apple with space and to achieve this you have to take some links with this as an anchor text and also use this keyword in your metatags and in content.