Question for Experts in web application development (Scope of Developer)

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Hello All:

I would like to ask deep and theoretical question.

my question is:

what is the border and limit of a web developer knowledge? the web application development is a big, long and has too many branches.

where does the web developer duty starts and ends.

the IT specializations in these days are very much, for example:

Web Design
Web Development
Database Developer
Database Administrator
System Administrator

the technologies involved in the web development is too much also

Database (SQL Server, Oracle ...etc)
Programming (VB.NET, C# ....etc)
Operating system (Windows server , XP ....etc)
Connectivity (ODBC, OLEDB, ADO.NET ....etc)
Data Presentation (HTML, DHTML, XHTML ....etc)
Data Structure (XML, XSD ....etc)
User Interface (Java, Javascript ......etc)
new Technologies (AJAX, ....etc)

Actually I dont know what to say, but after two years of development I am feeling my self (very beginner) and really dont have a full confidence because of the lack of view and knowledge of very related technologies to .net , in addition,

when and where shall I convert a question to a Web Designer or system adminstratror?

please help because I feel like that I am drawning in the IT sea, since I am originally coming from electronics background, and working in my organization as one man show

it will be very helpfull if some one provide an illustrative graph showing the specialization in the IT and how they act as a team together and what are the duties for each post,

is there any scinece for managing the IT knowledges?

Thank you very much
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Usually employers hire different people depending on what technologies they use. One person can't do everything when it comes to IT. One might be responsible for a web developer who develops the applications, another might be the system administrator to update the servers up to date. Another position might be a database administrator to manage the database and make sure everyone who is using the database knows about some changes and so forth.

Since you mention you are a web developer. I would at least try to learn some fundamentals or just know about different technologies at there. It doesn't leave you clueless when someone mentions something to you and it gives you a broad knowledge of what's out there.

I can tell you all the technologies you just mention in your post and use them and I'm only 18 years old. I started web development and programming since I was 16. When you hear about a new rising of a technologies or language. Read about it. The changes and how it effects you.

I hope this helped.
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Thank you for your reply,

but you answerd 5% of my questions only, I hope others will share the talk to clarify the picture.
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You only ask five questions. The first 2 are the same question!

1 and 2)There is no limit to what a web developer has to know. Employers will be ask for someone who has experience in all of the technologies you mentioned above. Maybe about 50%.

3).NET is a very broad technologies. I would learn any acronyms are much as you can and like I said before gain some fundamentals of a lot of technologies. They more you know, the more you'll know what someone is talking when mentioning something.

4) Google web developer and then google system admin and get a good idea of what their responsibilities. That my friend will help you determine what question to ask who!

5) I don't know what you are talking about.

I don't know of a graph that could help you out. I don't even know if such thing exists!

Now I answered 80% of your questions.
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What don't you understand about my response? I give advice and I guess its not what you're look for. First find what you are looking for and then ask about it!
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Hope I'm posting this in the right place......

Question; I am trying to make foot prints walk across a web page as if by an invisible animal on a beach. I say animal because the front paw prints look different then the rear and of course there is a right and left, a total of 4 different type of paw prints, I would like the affect to be walking across the page in a non-straight path as if the animal is wondering about, I understand that I might need several pix’s (10, 20, 30?) of each paw to show animal direction. Is there java script to do this? The picture is not an object as once the print (paw mark) is made on the page it would stay and the next print or paw mark would be made in secession. Thanks in advance. wek
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@guy above me
Yes you can perform that with javascript. You need to determine the line angle, the frame rate of movement, and the number of rendered elements to draw. This is possible without canvas. I used this when I was experimenting with JS animation

Hope this helps you out with your animations.
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I would like to say that, Linux is always a best bet on development, but of course you will want available testing platforms with Windows and Macintosh, as well as other Unix bases for testing to make sure that your product functions appropriately under all configurations.

I think Linux is great option because of the following:
* Software/Tools availability
* Relatively easy troubleshooting
* Easy to find answers on any question/error code you get
* Great package management (Debian/Ubuntu and derivatives)
* Friendly community
* and many more

Carly Fiorina
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