Querying dates from dbf in macro

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Hi All,

In my code I have this select statement that I'm trying to put together but the query is recognizing the day as the month in the from_date and getting it right in the to_date, I guess for an obvious reason there's no 13th month. I've tried using '-' instead of '/'.

I basically want it to recognize it as dd/mm/yyy

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

from_date = "11/01/2011"
to_date = "13/01/2011"

Set cn = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
Set rs = CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
cn.Open "driver={Microsoft dBase Driver (*.dbf)}; driverid=277;dbq=" + rootdir + "\MAINT\"
c1SQL = "Select OccurDate from LnMt.dbf Where OccurDate >= #" + temp_date + "# And OccurDate <= #" + to_date + "#"
rs.Open c1SQL, cn, , , adCmdText
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Also I'm not sure if it is the variable or the field that it's reversing, they are both type in correctly. There are dates entered in the OccurDate field 12/01/2011.