How to use many query in one report

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I have many query and i wan to show a lot of query in one report. How can i do that? I designed report by my own and want to bound it with many query. Please tell me how to do it.

Please see the link of my report. Each rows and columns of my report need to bound with one query.
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Since there are fixed number of queries to be executed and the result shown in a particular order, so what you can do is you can first execute all the queries save the result in respective variables and then use the variables to show in the report matrix.


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I know this is and old thread but I just wanted to share what I am do in this scenario.

I simply create another query to combine all the queries I've made in one and use it as the recordsource in my report. that is one approach.

Anotherone is to have mini or subreports put all together in one main report.

My scenarios were mostly include total and subtotal that I wanted to put in one report so the first option is best for me. however if you're joining a datawindow, then subreport is your best option.

hope it helps.
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Increase the columns of your report. make it look attractive.. as i take a look at your report . it doesn't seems to be interesting.