Query and List, PhP Main Page Auto Listing of User Actio

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"I'm looking for PHP that would Query my user interactive pages and list those changes in my news page for when other users enter they see what has been added in different areas of the website to onclude picture databases. It would be set for say the newst changes and additions by users sum of 15 and include last changes by users sum of 15.

Example: user Tom uploaded a picture with description of his motorcycle in my picture database, and user Julie added a news article in my in my submit news area and so on...

How do I do this?"
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To achieve what you want, you will need to keep track of every action of the user, like picture uploading, new post, and so on. And then display the 10 latest actions, in whichever way you wish.
You can have a table which will have the data about which user, what action, date, time, action category and so on...
There is no specific PHP query for this, this is purely dependent on your requirements.