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I am a newbie when it comes to website design. I initially created a website using a website creater and template provided to me by the hosting company. I then hired a programmer who added onto and made my initial page look better. I now need to be able to edit the static pages so I can correct text, links, etc. I have Microsoft Expression Web 2.0. My programmer instructed me to go into Computer and type in fttp:// I did and I copied the .html files onto my computer. I now have the files open in Expression Web but I don't know what to do once I change the text. When I Browser Preview them it's plain text with a white background. Even when I hit Publish it says it published but I don't see the change on my site. What am I doing wrong?
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First thing it's not fttp, it's ftp.

Second what you are doing is correct but it can have the problems with your hosting server. I don't know somewhere I read the same problem was with one of hosting provider.