Promote more keywords at a time

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Can anyone tell me that how can I promote more than two keywords of the website at a time? Is there any technique to put more keywords at same time?
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What do you mean by promoting for keywords? Do you mean PPC?
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you can put your important keywords in the title and your related secondary keywords in the meta description, this way you can target your 2 to 4 keywords in the same page
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I am 100% agree with addyj672. Your can reach goal to target more than one keywords at one time is possible but might be it would be irrelevant. So follow addyj672's tip.
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In forum posting, blog posting and article posting, we are doing the same thing.
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you have to do all seo strategies on all keywords regularly.
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Yes, you can do promote more than one keyword at a time. I completely agree with addyj672.
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You can promote your own website keywords at once two or three, It is depend on your title. Your title should be like this- website design India
In this title a lot of keywords are hitting "website design, web design, website india, web design India, website design India.
In this way you can promote in one title two or three keywords together.