Do programs run differently depending where you are in the world?

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Dear all,

The topic of this thread may sound a bit strange however is it possible that programs run differently across the world considering electro/geo/magentic forces that we know alter atomic behaviour? If they can alter atomic behaviour then they can no doubt influnce the running of electronic equipment whether that be hard or software.

I have designed a very simple experiment to show if this is the case, launched today on blogspot called "international programming experiment".

The idea is simple. Run a BASIC program based roughly on the RND(n) command via a simulator (the experiment cannot be run by a server for obvious reasons) in your browser and see what the end result is. The data (hopefully there will be some!) will be statistically analysed to see if global location makes a difference to the outcome of the program.

Yes, I agree this sounds a bit silly, but only statistics will tell the full story here.

If you have the time to run the program and email the result (15 minutes), please visit the link above to see what it is about (only up today so very sparse at the moment).

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Please check my profile for the link to the experiment (sorry to sound like a spammer, i'm not one)