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Thanks for visiting this post! I'm in no shape or form a programmer so I have a few questions for the experts.
I have this idea that I think is a breakthrough for Social Networking sites, but I find myself in this situation.

1. Where can I find programmers I can hire from start to finish. Basically, if I hire you, I want it to be a team and if it gets HUGE, they would get a stake in the company.
"I ask this because I need consistency with the changing of the format and the regular updates to the site."

2. What would be needed to support a site the mass of Youtube. Servers and equipment etc.

If anyone can help me, I would appreciate it.

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The easiest variant for you is to purchase ready-made software for creating social networking site. Make sure they provide support, custom services (in case you want to change something..), hosting. In such companies you will just need to describe what you want (design, functionality) and they will do that for you.
For example, PG Social Networking Software. You will be able to manage the site, if something is not clear, they have support guys to help. Lateron, when your site develops, you can just hire some moderators to manage the site..
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What does your team programming?