Best programming method for helping in SEO?

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I just wanted to know your views about what do you think which programming method like php, dot net etc was better for creating website according to seo point of view.
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Php is better from SEO point of view. But other languages are also used for SEO. There is no hard and fast rule for creating a website. SEO is a method to optimize a site it is not limited to any language.
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It does not matter what backend language you are using to generate the output HTML.
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I'm new to web designing and programming and I find PHP + Ajax to do much everything I need.
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I thing it doesn't matter which technology you are using for creating a website. But i will say Scripts and animation are not SEO friendly.
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HTML programming method for helping in SEO.
According to my thinking Language does not matter in SEO. Technique used for doing seo matters in the result of seo.