How To Become A Programmer?

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Hi!! I am 24 years old, from Singapore. Actually i am gratuate from Business field, but i have a strong interested in IT. So after complete my degree course in Business, I continue with my IT course. I like to develop system, but my programming skills are very weak.
So i sincerly to ask all the experts who read this message, HOW CAN I BECOME A PROGRAMMER? what is the concept that i should have during coding. Or how to improve my pragramming skills even i read throught many programming books, but my skill have no improve...
Should i continue with my IT course?
Please kindly advise...
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Hello and welcome! You've read a lot of books eh? Have you tried practicing your programming skills? Practice makes perfect, use your skills and improve by trail and error

(P.S: You can always ask for help here, we've got lots of experts!)
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Originally Posted by juniorProgrammer
A million dollar question which in my opinion you nned to have 2 things in you. 1st mentioned by sterling i.e. reading books and second have interest to develop everything you see.
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Yes. Continue with school. Take an introductory course that will teach you fundamentals and basic theory and concepts. This wil help you a lot. This way you will know if programming is for you.