If you are a programmer, will you click on the ads when you visit a site.

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Survey, In which case, you would click on the advertisements?
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yah..why not..?? being a programmer i wud visit the websites which are programming related..nd u know very well that the websites contain the relevant adds..so if i find anything like clicking then obvioulsy i will click the add..
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No. In fact, I block as many adverts as I can with Privoxy. When I want to buy something I'll do the necessary research and buy what fits my needs. In most cases I end up with some GPL'd software which is just as good or better than the paid versions. But I will buy, e.g. I recently bought a Goldwave licence, cos the GPL wave editors aren't up to the slickness of Goldwave.

Clicking on adverts just encourages the advertisers. So if you get annoyed by adverts, don't click on the ones that annoy you, and eventually marketroids will get the message and only publish adverts that are non-annoying. If an advert does display something you're genuinely interested in, google it instead of clicking the ad (you would do that anyway though, wouldn't you? to check for reviews (good and bad) and to see what the competition has to offer?).

A site owner might complain that blocking the adverts reduces his income. Well (a) tough noogies, because it's *MY* screen and *I* get to decide what appears on it, and (b) you're paid by the click, not by the view, so if I don't click then it doesn't make any difference to you whether I view or not. I don't click, therefore I block.

I especially hate those ads that flash and bounce around all over the place. Just makes me want to slap the advertiser (no, not punch the monkey). It's that kind of advert that made me seek out ad-blocking software in the first place. Static ads that just state simply what the advertiser wants you to buy are OK, providing (a) it doesn't take up half the screen, (b) the ad-to-content ratio is sufficiently low and (c) the ad and the content are delivered at the same rate - I really hate it when the ad blasts through in 0.00000000001 of a nanosecond and the content that I *want* to see grinds through at a femtobaud and eventually appears three months later.
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Yes I do but I am not blind folded no matter how intelligent you are at trying that.