How can done this program?

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i am new in programming language, i am unable to done it programm
can you done it?
program to transform its input according to a specified transformation scheme. The transformation scheme will consist of two strings: a string of characters and then a string of replacement characters. The idea is that your program replaces every instance of the ith character in the initial string with the (i+3) character (of English alphabets) in the replacement string. When no substitution is defined for a character, the program just passes it through to the output unchanged. The program should inform the user of any errors in the transformation scheme. Your program should display the phrase before and after the substitutions have been made.
Original String: This is a C program.
String after the transformation: Wklv lv d F Surjudp.
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hey, just read the string character by character and while printing it again just increment the integer value of each character by two.