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could ne1 please explain me a PROCESS, THREAD, TASK in simple words.

n what is the difference between the 3 of them.

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Here is a link where you can find answer for difference between Process and a thread.

when it comes to the task, a task is a set of instructions.To perform some task we run a progaram which internally creates a process.
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Process is a naturally occurring or designed sequence of operations or events, possibly taking up time, space, expertise or other resource, which produces some outcome. A process may be identified by the changes it creates in the properties of one or more objects under its influence


Threads are similar to processes, in that both represent a single sequence of instructions executed in parallel with other sequences, either by time slicing or multiprocessing. Threads are a way for a program to split itself into two or more simultaneously running tasks


A set of program instructions is loaded in memory

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