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Problems with php

Discussion in 'PHP' started by vimes1984, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. vimes1984

    vimes1984 New Member




    ummm the url i´m running the script on is the following url]contact4cars.com/contact4cars.php_files/Page341.htm[/url]
    any help would be great please, i am very very novice this is my first site please help!
  2. vimes1984

    vimes1984 New Member

    my question is:
    I´m implementing a php script on a html site and the script in the html does not see the actual .php file
    i´m have a html page (Page341.htm) and in that page there a php script called register.php
    when i open page 341 in my browser and try to submit the registration it bring me pack a message saying page not found .
    please please help!

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