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Printing errors in PHP

Discussion in 'PHP' started by technobuddy, May 29, 2011.

  1. technobuddy

    technobuddy New Member

    Hi friends,
    I am new in this website, and posting my first post. This is all about PHP , which is recently being most popular server side scripting language. I new some people who have some problem in printing or echo in PHP. The problem is

    echo "HI how are u" //This is OK
    echo "<style="color:blue">hi how are u my friends?</style>";/*Parse error: syntax

    error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ',' or ';..............*/

    people are confused what is happing ???? but the main problem is using "" in between the 2 " of echo so what will be the ans???? come on there is solution here it is:
    echo "<style=\"color:blue\">hi how are u my friends?</style>";// use the\ to indicate the " as unique one.
    I think this will help my friends. So for now
    Bye bye :charming:
  2. pein87

    pein87 New Member

    echo "<style=[COLOR="Red"]"[/COLOR]color:blue[COLOR="Red"]"[/COLOR]>hi how are u my friends?</style>";
    Your not escaping the double quotes inside the double quotes. If your using double quotes and have other double quotes in side of it you need to escape it.

    echo "<style="color:blue">hi how are u my friends?</style>";
    Should be

    echo "<style=\"color:blue\">hi how are u my friends?</style>";
    Also I might mention you need to change the style tag to a span tag because style tags aren't used in this manner unless this is xml and you'd probably use xstl for that instead of pure css.

    echo "<span style=\"color:blue\">hi how are u my friends?</span>";
    or you could just do this

    echo '<span style="color:blue">hi how are u my friends?</span>';
    for more on escaping strings check this out


    Last edited: Jun 1, 2011
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